A heart valve replacement diagnosis can seem overwhelming, not just for the patient but for their families as well, and sometimes it can be helpful to hear from others who have been through similar situations. If you would like to share your valve journey with others, we ask that you visit our Share Your Story page, so we can add to the helpful information on Patient Stories.


Ross Procedure Patient

Kate Losenno
Triathlete and Cardiac Doctor

Kate always knew she would need aortic valve replacement since she was born with a bileaflet aortic valve. Her medical background and studies gave her insight into the heart valve replacement options that would be best for her, which led her to choose the Ross Procedure. Since her surgery in June 2014, Kate is running, snowboarding and competing in triathlons!

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Mechanical Aortic Heart Valve Recipient 

Fred Hoiberg
Former NBA Player & Coach | College Basketball Head Coach

Fred played in the NBA for 10 years until 2005, when an irregular cardiac reading from a routine physical changed his life forever. He underwent open heart surgery to address a life-threatening aortic aneurysm and ultimately received a mechanical aortic heart valve after researching and discussing his options for aortic valve replacement.